Microsoft dos shutdown command (ms-dos):

This video is for how to shutdown or restart your computer from "Run command window" and "MS-Dos" promt for a specific time. These commands can work on "Runcommand window" and "MS-Dos prompt" without any changes.

Steps To Shutdown/Restart the computer from "MS-Dos":

Step 1: click on "start" button

Step 2: Click on "Run" command window

Step 3: Type "cmd" and then press enter key

Step 4: Now you will get a ms-dos prompt window

Step 5: Now type "shutdown -s -t 10" (Note: Enter this command without quotes and here 10 is the 10 seconds. That means the computer will shutdown/restart after that specified time. You can also execute this command without entering this time)


-s = Shutdown
-r = Restart
-t = Time
-l = log off
shutdown /a = Stopping the shutdown process

Step 6: Finished

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