How to set virtual ram in Windows OS:


This video is for "How to set virtual ram" for your computer with the help of pen drive in windows operating systems. When your computer is running slow and your computer have low ram size, then you can use usb pen drive as virtual ram which can speedup your computer.

OS Architecture and Ram usage in different OS:
x86(32) Bit Operating system can use Maximum 4GB of ram only
x64(64) bit operating system can use 16gb of ram.

Steps for setting of "virtual ram memory" :

Step 1: Plug in your USB Pen Drive

Step 2: Right click on "My computer"

Step 3: Click on "Properties"

Step 4: Click on "Advanced"

Step 5: Click on "Setings" in 'Performance'

Step 6: Click on "Advanced"

Step 7: Click on "Change" in 'Virtual memory'

Step 8: Now click on your "Pen drive" drive and then click on "Custom size". Now enter the

Initial size and Maximum size.

Step 9: Click on "set"

Step 10: Click on "OK"

Step 11: Click on "OK"

Step 12: Click on "OK"

Step 13: Done

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