How to do any calculations in a browser:

While you browsing something in a browser, if you need to calculate some figure then no need to open calculator in window. You can do simple calculation easily in browser. It is done by simple javascript, which is described below. You just need to write that script in address bar and press enter. answer would display immediately in an dialog box. So, please follow the few steps, 

Steps to do Calculations:

1) Open a 'Google Chrome' browser

2) click on 'address bar'

3) now type as,

For Additions: javascript: alert(a+b+c+...+n)

For Subtractions: javascript: alert(a-b-c-....-n)

For multiplication: javascript: alert(a*b*c*....*n)

For divisions: javascript: alert(a/b)

Note: Here a,b,c,...n are numberic values.

4) Now press Enter key, you

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