How to create a custom toolbar on taskbar:

If you want to open any drive/partion or folder many times a day. You should use this trick to solve waste of your time daily. Because you can access your folders very quickly. Then just add that explorer or folder to taskbar, It will display an icon on taskbar which open that folder when clicked. So, please follow the few steps:

How to Create a Custom Toolbar:

1) Right-click on the taskbar.

2) Click on " Toolbars"

3) Click on " New Toolbar..."

4) Now Select the Drive/Folder or any

5) Click on "OK"

6) Now you can access from taskbar as shown in video.

How to Remove a Custom Toolbar:

1) Right click on 'taskbar'

2) click on toolbars

3) now click on which toolbar is you want to remove.

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