How to know file Format or Extension:

What is File Extension:


Examples for File Extension:

Where it can find that option to enable: 
>>Open My Computer
>> Click on 'Tools' menu
>> Click on 'View'
>> Now  click on 'Hide extensions for known file types (As shown in below fig.)

Here, we given some extensions:
Compressed file from a multi-volume archive .1st
Usually README.1st text file. .3dr
3DMark result .3gp
Multimedia files for wireless networks .7z
7z is the compressed archive file .7zip
7z compressed archive file .abr
Adobe Photoshop Brush file .accdb
The file extension for the new Office Access 2007 database file format. .accdt
The file extension for Access Database Templates .ace
Compressed file archive .ai
Adobe Illustrator graphics .amr
Adaptive Multi-Rate compressed audio .ani
Animated cursor .arj
Compressed file archive - ARJ archiver .asp
ASP script, page .aspx
ASP.NET script, page .aup
Audacity project file .avi
Audio Video Interleave movie .bak
Backup file .bat
Batch file (executable) .bc!
Bittorrent unfinished download file .bik
BINK video file .bin
Binary file .bin
Macbinary II encoded file .bmp
standard Windows Bitmap image (also OS/2 ) .c4d
CINEMA 4D file format
Windows Cabinet Compressed Archive .cbr
Comic Book Archive file or ComicBook Reader File .cdr
CorelDRAW vector image .cfg
Configuration files .chm
Microsoft Compiled HTML help file .cr2
Canon digital camera RAW image format version 2.0 .crw
Canon digital camera RAW image format .css
Cascading Style Sheets file .ctt
Messenger Contact List .cue
Cue sheet. Description File for a CD-Image (.bin file) .daa
PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive file .dao
Disk at Once CD/DVD Image .dat
Generally text or binary datafile .dbf
Database file .dcr
Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format .dmg
Apple Mac OS X Disk Image File .doc
Microsoft Office Word document .docx
Microsoft Word 2007 XML based document file format .dot
MS Word Document Template .dotm
Word 2007 XML Macro-Enabled Template .dotx
Word 2007 XML Template .dwg
AutoCAD Drawing .dxf
Drawing Exchange Format .eps
Adobe Illustrator text and graphics (Encapsulated PostScript) .exe
Executable file .fil
Vault file of AVG antivirus .fla
Editable Adobe Flash Movie .flac
Audio files encoded by Flac - free lossless audio codec .flv
Flash video file
Windows sidebar gadget file .gif
Graphics interchange file format .hqx
BinHex archive format, orig. Macintosh .htm
Web page - HTML file .html
Web page file - Hypertext Markup Language .ico
Icon file .ifo
DVD movie information file .ind
Adobe InDesign graphics document file .ini
Text configuration file .iso
CD/DVD ISO binary image file. .jar
Compressed archive file package for Java classes and data .jpeg
JPEG image, picture file format. Mac File Type. .jpg
JPEG bitmap image file format .js
JavaScript file .lnk
Windows Shortcut .m3u
MP3 songs playlist file .m4a
MPEG-4 compressed audio file .m4v
MPEG-4 video file format .mdb
Microsoft Access database .mdf
Alcohol 120% Disc Image .mdi
Microsoft Office Document Imaging file format .mds
Image file (Media Descriptor File) .mkv
Matroska video-audio multimedia file .mov
Apple QuickTime Movie file, standard Macintosh video format .mp3
Compressed audio, music file .mp4
MPEG-4 file format .mpg
MPEG 1 video file format .mpp
Microsoft Project file extension .mrw
Minolta Dimage Raw Image File
Microsoft Windows Installer installation package file .nfo
nfo readme file, common text file .nrg
Nero-Burning ROM CD or DVD image file .ods
OpenOffice.org Calc Spreadsheet file .odt
OpenOffice.org Writer text document .otf
Open type font file format .pdf
Portable document format: Adobe Acrobat File .php
PHP script, page .php3
PHP version 3 script file .png
Portable (Public) Network Graphic .potx
PowerPoint 2007 XML Template .pps
Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow .ppsm
PowerPoint 2007 Macro-Enabled XML Show .ppsx
PowerPoint 2007 XML Show .ppt
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation file format .pptx
PowerPoint 2007 XML Presentation .prt
PTC Pro/Engineer Part file .prt
SolidWorks Part file .psd
Adobe Photoshop graphics .psf
ArcSoft PhotoStudio File image format .r00
RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive .raf
Fuji CCD-RAW graphic file .rar
RAR compressed archive - backup file .rss
Really Simple Syndication - RSS file format .rtf
Rich Text Format document .swf
ShockWave Flash, Animated vector format for the Internet .sxc
OpenOffice.org 1.0 Spreadsheet file .sys
System file .tao
IsoBuster File
Unix standard Archive format, Tape Archive .thm
Sonyericsson mobile phone theme file .tib
Acronis TrueImage backup disk image file .tif
Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image .tmp
Temporary file .torrent
BitTorrent information file .ttf
TrueType Font .txt
Common text file .uif
MagicISO Universal Image Format - UIF file .vob
MPEG-2 movie .vxd
Microsoft Windows virtual device driver, 32 bit .wav
WAVe PCM Sound, standard Windows sound format .wba
WindowBlinds Desktop visual style .wdb
Microsoft Works database .wma
Windows Media Audio .wmf
Windows Metafile; vector drawing - clipart. .wmv
Windows Media Video .wpd
Corel WordPerfect document .wpl
Windows Media Player Playlist .wps
Microsoft Works document .wri
Windows Write Document .x3f
Sigma Camera RAW Picture File .xls
Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet .xlsm
Excel 2007 XML Macro-Enabled Workbook .xlsx
Excel 2007 XML Workbook .xml
XML document .xpi
Firefox browser extension .zip
Compressed ZIP archive file and compressed folder .zix
WinZix compressed

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