MS-DOS Introduction :

DOS is an Operating System. It works as an interpreter between user and computer. We give
English like commands and it converts it into machine language and after the computer has
processed the information, returns the results to you in English. Ms. Dos consist of four essential programs and a set of additional utilities.

System Files:- MS-DOS is mainly consisting of three files. They are,
>> Boot Record

Booting:- Process that starts up a computer is called booting. It checks for proper functioning of all the peripheral devices attached with the system. It searches for the operating system and,when located, loads it into the main memory.

>>Booting is devided into 2 types. They are,
Cold Booting:
It is done by turning on the computer.
Warm Booting:It is performed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously.

>>>There are two name in DOS and is divided into 2 parts.<<<
1. Primary Name
2. Secondary or extension.

Primary name is separated from the Secondary name extension with the help of a dot (.) look at the following example.
Example: Invoice.TXT
Primary name can be from 1 to 8 characters long and
Secondary name contains 3 or less than 3 characters and is optional.

The extension tells DOS about what kind of file it is. A valid Character for naming a file are: from A to Z and the digit 0 to 9
 C :\> Is known as DOS/command prompt, where we give the commands.

>>>DOS command is divided into 2 types. They are,<<<
1. Internal Commands or Memory-Resident Commands
2. External Command or Disk-Residence Commands

How to getting start into MS-DOS command window:-

Please follow the few steps:
>> Click on 'Start' button.
>> Click on 'Run'.
>> Type 'cmd' and click on 'OK'
>> Now 'MS-DOS' will be opened.

To Maximize the window: Press 'Alt+Enter key'
To Restore the window: Press 'Alt+Enter key'
To exit the Dos: type command as 'exit' and press enter key.

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