MS-DOS External Commands Part-7

External Commands:These are also called Disk-Resident Commands. These commands are meant for special purpose. These are found in separate files on Hard Disk or Floppy Disk, So that they don’t typically consume valuable memory space. They are loaded into memory only when called.

Some External Commands List: label, tree, sort, format, more, convert, sort, chkdsk, mem, xcopy,attrib,mode,move,edit,color.

In this video you are learning about, attrib, mode, move, edit & color. Remaining commands will be continued in next tutorial.

(i) CONVERT: This command is used to change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS file system
Syntax: C:\> convert <drive>:f/fs:ntfs
Ex: C:\> convert j:f/fs:ntfs

(ii) SORT: This command is used to arrages all the data in 'Ascending order' or 'Descending order'
Syntax:(i)  C:\> type <filename>|sort (Ascending Order)
Ex: C:\> type swamy.txt|sort

Syntax:(ii) C:\> type <filename>|sort/r (Descending order)
Ex: C:\> type swamy.txt|sort/r

(iii) CHKDSK: This command is used to check the status of the disk and to repair errors in the directors.
Syntax: C:\> chkdsk

(iv) MEM (MemorY) : This command is used to displays the amount of used and free memory in your system.
Syntax: C:\> mem

(v) XCOPY: This command is used to copy files selectively from one disk to another.
Syntax: C:\> xcopy <source> <destination>
Ex: C:\> xcopy temp D:

In this video you learnt about, convert, sort, chkdsk, mem, xcopy . Remaining commands will continued in next tutorial.

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