MS-DOS Commands Tutorials Part-8

External Commands:These are also called Disk-Resident Commands. These commands are meant for special purpose. These are found in separate files on Hard Disk or Floppy Disk, So that they don’t typically consume valuable memory space. They are loaded into memory only when called.

Some External Commands List: label, tree, sort, format, more, convert,sort,chkdsk, mem, xcopy, attrib,mode,move,edit,color.

In this video you are learning about,  mode, move, edit, color. Finished the MS-DOS external commands tutorial with is tutorial

(i) MODE:- This command is used to change screen width of MS-DOS.
Syntax:- C:\> mode <enter screen size>
Ex:- C:\> mode 40

(ii) MOVE:- This command is used to moves the files from one location to another location.
Syntax: C:\> move <source path> <destination path>
Ex: C:\> move D:\manapc C:\

(iii) EDIT:- This command is used to modifying already created file or creating a new file.
Syntax:(a) C:\> edit <file name> (To modify a file, which is already created)
>>C:\> edit swamy
>> Do changes here, what you want.
>> Press 'Alt+F'
>> Press 'Alt+S'
>> Press 'Alt+X'
>> Finished...

Syntax: (b) C:\> edit (To create a new file)
>> C:\> edit
>> Type something here, what you want.
>> Press 'Alt+F'
>> Press 'Alt+S'
>> Type File name (Ex: manapc)
>> Press enter key
>> Press 'Alt+X'
>> Finished...

(iv) COLOR:- This command is used to change the text color and background color of MS-DOS screen.

Color attributes are specified by TWO digits:
>> First corresponds to the background;
>> Second digit for the font color.
>> Below liste some colors codes.

0 = Black    
1 = Blue    
2 = Green    
3 = Aqua    
4 = Red   
5 = Purple   
6 = Yellow   
7 = White   
8 = Gray
9 = Light Blue
A = Light Green
B = Light Aqua
C = Light Red
D = Light Purple
E = Light Yellow 
F = Bright White 
Syntax: C:\> color <enter here any number>
Ex:- C:\> color f0
>>>>> Now Finished the MS-DOS Tutorials <<<<<

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