MS-DOS Commands Part-5 (Video Tutorial):

 INTERNAL COMMANDS: There are also called memory-resident commands. These commands are automatically loaded into the computer’s memory during the booting process. They actually included in the file. So these commands are executable immediately after getting the dos prompt.

A few internal commands:
Date, Time, cls, ver (version), Vol (Volume), copy con, type,copy,
Ren (Rename), Erase or Del (Delete), Dir (Disk Information Report),
MD (Make Directory), CD (Change Directory), RD (Remove Directory),
Wild Cards, prompt

In previous classes, we are discussed about...
Date, time, cls, ver, vol,copy con, type, copy, ren (rename, erase or Del (delete), dir, md, cd, rd, wild cards & remaining prompt will be continued in this video tutorial.

(i) Prompt: This command is used to change the dos prompt.
    Syntax: C:\> prompt <emter any string for prompt>
    Ex: C:\> prompt manapc
    Result:   manapc

How to create a Shortcut icon of MS-DOS on to the Desktop:
>> Right click on Desktop
>> click on "New'
>> Click on 'Shortcut'
>> Click on 'Browse'
>> Click on 'My Computer'
>> Click on C: drive (OS installed Drive)
>> Click on 'Windows'
>> Click on 'System32'
>> Now find the 'cmd.exe' file & Click on that.
>> Click on 'OK'
>> Click on 'Next'
>> Type a name for this shortcut: <Here type the shortcut name as you wish (Ex:MS-DOS).
>> Click on 'Finish'
>> Now finished the task.

>>>>>>>>>>Now Finished the MS-DOS "Internal Commands"<<<<<<<<<<

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