MS-DOS Commands Part-4 Video Tutorial:

INTERNAL COMMANDS: There are also called memory-resident commands. These commands are automatically loaded into the computer’s memory during the booting process. They actually included in the file. So these commands are executable immediately after getting the dos prompt.

A few internal commands: Date, Time, cls, ver (version), Vol (Volume), copy con, type,copy, Ren (Rename), Erase or Del (Delete), Dir (Disk Information Report),
MD (Make Directory), CD (Change Directory), RD (Remove Directory), Wild Cards, prompt

In previous classes, we are discussed about...
Date, time, cls, ver, vol,copy con, type, copy, ren (rename, erase or Del (delete) & remaining commands will be continued in this video tutorial.

(i) Dir (Disk Information Report): This command is used to displays the all the Directories(folder) and files.

    Syntax: C:\> dir
We have some switches with this 'dir' command, the following are the swithces,
Note: / (slash) indicates 'switch'

>> dir/p => It shows the all files in page wise.
>> dir/ah => It show the files and directories which are in hidden.
>> dir/w => It shows the all files in width wise.
>> dir/ad => It shows only the directories.
>> dir/on => It shows all the files in Alphabetically (A-Z)
>> dir/l => It shows the files, which are in lowercase.
>> dir/s => It shows the all files, directories and sub directories.
>> dir/b => It shows the all files in bare format.

(ii) MD (Make Directory) mkdir: This command is used to create a directory(folder) or sub-directory within the directory or drive.

    Syntax: C:\> md <directory name>

    Ex: C:\> md manapc

(iii) CD (Change Directory):- This command is used to change the directory.
    Syntax: C:\> cd <directory name>
    Ex: C:\> cd manapc

Note: To exit from that directory, when it is in single directory
    Syntax: C:\directory> cd.. ( Press enter key)

To exit from that directory, when it is in multiple directories,
Syntax: C:\directory1\directory2\directory3> cd\ (Press enter keY)

(iv) RD (Remove Directory): This command is used to Remove a directory or sub-directory.
    Syntax: C:\> rd <directory name>
    Ex: C:\> rd manapc
>> By using this command, we can remove a directory which is empty.
>> By using this command, being inside the directory you can't remove the directory.

(v) Wild Cards (* ?):- * and ? are called wild cards, because these are the shorthand notations, used in various commands.

>> * Represents any number of characters.
>> ? Represents only one character.

>> List the files start with 's'
    C:\> dir s*.*

>> List the files with length as six characters and third one in them is 'n'
    C:\> dir ??n???

>> List the files whose extension(secondary name) is 'mp4'
    C:\> *mp4

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