MS-DOS Commands Part-3 Video Tutorial:


INTERNAL COMMANDS: There are also called memory-resident commands. These commands are automatically loaded into the computer’s memory during the booting process. They actually included in the file. So these commands are executable immediately after getting the dos prompt.

A few internal commands:
Date, Time, cls, ver (version), Vol (Volume), copy con, type,copy,
Ren (Rename), Erase or Del (Delete), Dir (Disk Information Report),
MD (Make Directory), CD (Change Directory), RD (Remove Directory),
Wild Cards, prompt

In last class, we are discussed about...
Date, time, cls, ver, vol & remaining commands will be continued in this video tutorial.

(i) Copy con: This command is used to create the file.
    Syntax: C:\> copy con <filename>

    Ex: C:\> copy con manapc
    Here you have to enter the text, whatever you want to be save.
    ^z (Here press 'Ctrl+Z' or 'F6' to save and press enter key to execute the command.

(ii) type: This command is used displays the content of the give n file name.
    Syntax: C:\> type <filename>

    Ex: C:\> type manapc

(iii) copy: This command is used for one or more files are copies in the specified files. This command is also used to club the files. Wild cards are allowed while copying the files.

    Syntax: C:\> copy <Old File name> <New File Name>

    Ex: C:\> copy manapc manapc1

(iv) Ren (Rename): This command is used to change the existing file name with new name.
    Syntax: C:\> ren <old file name> <new File Name>

    Ex: C:\> ren manapc1 shiva

(v) Erase or Del(Delete): This command is used to removes the specified file.
    Syntax: C:\> erase <file name>
    Ex: C:\> del manapc

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