MS-DOS Commands part-2 Video Tutorial

INTERNAL COMMANDS:- There are also called memory-resident commands. These commands are automatically loaded into the computer’s memory during the booting process. They actually included in the file. So these commands are executable immediately after getting the dos prompt.

Few Internal Commands:- Date, Time, cls, ver (version), Vol (Volume), copy con, type,copy,Ren (Rename), Erase or Del (Delete), Dir (Disk Information Report),
MD (Make Directory), CD (Change Directory), RD (Remove Directory), Wild Cards, prompt

(i) Date: This command is used to view the syste date and allows you to change the system date. This date format is MM-DD-YY. The date that you enter will be treated as the current date, untill you enter a new date.

Syntax: C:\>date

    Ex:    C:\>date (Press Enter key)
    The current date is: Tue 06/24/2014
    Enter the new date: (mm-dd-yy) (Here enter date, if you want to change it)

(ii) Time: This command is used view and it allows you to change the time.

Syntax: C:\> time

     Ex: C:\> time
     The current time is: 15:48:30.7
     Enter the new time: (now here enter time and hit enter key)

(iii)CLS: This command is used to clear the screen. All the information on the screen will be cleared and your cursor will be placed on the top of left corner of your screen.

Syntax: C:\> cls

(iv) Ver (Version): This command is used to display the windows version and dos version.

syntax: C:\> ver

(v) Vol (Volume): This command is used to view the label name of drive and serial number.

syntax: C:\> vol

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