Preview formats, fonts, and styles :

Shortcut Keys for Text formatting:

You should select the content before applying any action, otherwise it will may not work as per your requirement.

To change 'Font style': 'ctrl + shift + F' and press navigation keys to select your required font.

To decrease 'Font size' :'ctrl + shift + < ' (or) 'ctrl + ['

To Increase 'Font size' : 'Ctrl + shift + > '(or) 'ctrl + ]'

To set exact 'Font size' : 'ctrl + shift + p ' , now enter the font size.

To 'Bold/Normal' the text : 'ctrl + B'

To 'Itallic/Normal' the text : 'ctrl + I'

To 'Underline/Normal' the text : 'ctrl + u'

To type 'sub script' : 'ctrl + ='

To type 'super script' : 'ctrl + shift + +'

To get the new document : 'ctrl + N'

To save the Document : 'Ctrl + s'

To close the Document : 'ctrl + w'

To close the MS-Word : 'Alt + F4'

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