How to getting start into MS-Word:

How to getting start into MS-Word:

(i) Process-1:
>> Click  on 'Start'
>> Click on 'All Programmes'
>> Click on 'Microsoft Office'
>> Click on 'Microsoft Office Word 2007'
>> Finished

(ii) Process-2:
>> Click on 'Start'
>> Click on 'Run'
>> Type 'winword' and click on 'OK'
>> Finished

(iii) Process-3:
>> Right click on 'Desktop'
>> Click on 'New'
>> Click on 'Microsoft Office Word Document'
>> Now the 'New Document' is created on to the desktop
>> Double click on that 'Document'
>> Finished

(iv) Process-4:
>> Click 'Start'
>> Click on 'Run'
>> Type 'cmd' and press 'enter key'
>> Now type ' start winword' and press 'enter key'
>> Finished

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