How to remove ads from web browser

Whenever we are browsing something, we get some ads like pop ups and nude photos (as shown in video). Some cases these ads are automatically opens multiple tabs simaltaneously without clicking on that, when we open some website. Difficult to browse our important data.To Avoid this problem, you should have to install a 'Add-on'called  'Adblock Plus'. This 'add-on' is available for most popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome etc., We can install this add-on by doing some simple steps.

Please Follw the Steps:

>> Open any browser.
>> Type "" and hit enter in Address bar or <<click here>>.
>> Now click on 'Install for Firefox/Google Chrome'.
>> Now click on 'Allow'
>> Click on 'Install Now'
>> Now Restart the Browser.
>> Finish

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