How to Make Free Calls to Mobile Phones Online:

 Free Phone Calls From PC to Mobile (Telugu Totirial)
Online web based process makes it easy to call to mobile phone numbers on the internet. This process called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). There are so many online based services are available like these. But today we are introducing ne of them and it is really works. This service doesn't require to install any software or register in this blog. It is purely browser based service. This is the right place to Who are looking for free talktime . You can call for free for 2 minutes (2 calls 60sec + 60 sec) per day. After that you have to register and pay the fees to get more calls.

Steps to call Free from Computer - Mobile Phone:-
>> You have to download & install flash player <<click here to download>>
>> Open Browser (Preferred Browsers: Mozilla Filrefox or Google Chrome).
>> Goto Address bar and type : ""  or <<click here>>
>> Click on Drop Down button to select your Country as shown in video.
>> Now You have to enter your destination number.
>> select Privay icon from 'Adobe Flash Player Settings'.
>> Click on 'Allow' radio button.
>> Now click on Call Button (which is in green color).
>> Finished.

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