How to hide folder in windows operating system

This process is used to hide Folder. It is very easy to protect your files. No need to install any software. We can do this by simple steps.

Please follow the Steps:

>> Create "New Folder" (Anywhere).
>> Right Click on that & Click on Rename Option.
>> Now Type "Alt + 0160" or "Alt + 255" (Using Numeric Keypad Only), without releasing "Alt" key.
>> After typing that, the particular folder have no name (So successfully you have done this job).
>> Next you have to change the icon of that Folder.
>> Right Click on that & Click on Properties Option.
>> Click on 'Customize'.
>> Click on 'Change Icon'.
>> Now here select the empty icon.
>> Click on 'OK'
>> Click on 'Apply'
>> Click on 'OK'
>> Now you have completed your job successfully.
>> You Just double click on that hidden folder.
>> After this import your folders/files into that folder.
>> Like this we can hide our files.

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