How to control CPU usage in Windows:

BES (Battle Encoder Shirase): This software is used to control the 'CPU usage' of active software. It is a free software.

Why to use this BES software:
>> To control the 'CPU usage,'which application would use CPU 100% or below, you can down to 50% (or any percentage you’d like).
>>  With this, you can use other programs comfortably when you are doing something work with multiple applications or heavy application.
>> By limiting the CPU usage load, you can also cool down your CPU temperature immediately when it happens to get too hot.

How to control CPU usage in Windows (Video/Article) Tutorial:-

How to download BES(Battle Encoder Shirase):
>> Click here to open the Download Page <<Download>>
>> Now click on 'Download'
>> Now click on 'Version' (Ex: ver. 1.6.2)
>> Automatically the downloading process will be started after few seconds.

How to Install BES(Battle Encoder Shirase):-
>> You dont need to install anything.
>> Just Unzip the above downloaded file (i.e,BES)
>> Now find the 'BES.exe'
>> Double click on it, it will be opened.

How to use BES(Battle Encoder Shirase):
>> Open the 'BES.exe'(By Double clicking on it)
>> Click on 'Target'
>> Now Select which application is to be control 'CPU Usage'
>> After selecting, click on 'Limit this'
>> Click on 'Yes' ( To continue next step)
>> Now click on 'Control'
>> Now adjust the 'CPu Usage' by moving bar.
>> if you set it to more percent, then automatically 'CPU usage' will be less.
>> After that click on 'Close'
>> Now 'minimize' the window
>> Like this, we can use this application.
>> Finished

(i)You can control 'CPU usage' of 3 Applications/Softwares at a time, by using this.
(ii)If you want to know which application is using more 'CPU Usage'

Please follow the few steps:
>> Press 'Ctrl + Alt + Del' keys
>> Now click on 'Processes'
>> Now click on 'CPU' (To view 'CPU Usage' order . In Ascending order or Descending Order).
>> Now here you can find the, which application is using more 'CPU usage'

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